Monday, March 2, 2009


I recently found out; not all soy milk is the same. I have been using SILK for a while and thought one was just as good as the other...not too good, seeing how it is soy.
I guess I thought all soy milk was supposed to be bad, as long as it was half-way ok, I could get by. Well, they were out of SILK LITE VANILLA at the store this weekend so, I had to buy a different kind. I was pretty mad because I expected I would have to end up throwing it out. I wasn't optimistic!!! Well, low and behold! It turned out to be 100% BETTER than SILK. The product is 8th Continent Lite Vanilla. I use the "vanilla" to help the taste.
It actually tastes ALOT like real milk. It hardly tastes like a soy product at all. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I could even drink it out of a glass. If you can't get this brand where you live, I suggest trying several different kinds until you find one you like. Good Luck
I give 8th Continent 4 Gold Stars, great for a soy product!

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  1. My family loves 8th Continent Soy Milk!You are correct..not all soy milk is equal. 8th Continent is so much better. There is a new product out there by 8th continent called 8th Continent Complete. It has added fiber, Omega- 3DHA, and calcium. It tastes yummy too and has all those nutrients as a bonus!