Sunday, March 22, 2009


I hope you have access to this restaurant because I think it is great. It is more like fast food with a casual dining setting and take-out window. But the quality of the food is more like a better restaurant. They have their own special dipping sauce for the chicken and it is very unique. Very smokey! They only have chicken because it is a chicken restaurant and they serve carrot and celery sticks on the side with the wings which is a great complement. Their specialty is chicken strips and wings. But today I am going to suggest "The House" salad with grilled chicken.
I usually get the honey mustard dressing to go with this but sometimes will change to ranch.
We first ate at Zaxby's while in Oxford Mississippi about 2004. When we moved back to Arkansas in 2006, we found that they had built one in Sherwood Arkansas and we visit there regularly along with the one located in Maumelle Arkansas.
I believe there are several around the central Arkansas area. The House salad is served with grilled Texas toast which is excellent but since I have been omitting bread from my diet, I fed this to the birds. They loved it too! I have tried most of their items and have loved them all so I give Zaxby's 5 GOLD STARS. Way to go Zaxby's!

Monday, March 2, 2009


I recently found out; not all soy milk is the same. I have been using SILK for a while and thought one was just as good as the other...not too good, seeing how it is soy.
I guess I thought all soy milk was supposed to be bad, as long as it was half-way ok, I could get by. Well, they were out of SILK LITE VANILLA at the store this weekend so, I had to buy a different kind. I was pretty mad because I expected I would have to end up throwing it out. I wasn't optimistic!!! Well, low and behold! It turned out to be 100% BETTER than SILK. The product is 8th Continent Lite Vanilla. I use the "vanilla" to help the taste.
It actually tastes ALOT like real milk. It hardly tastes like a soy product at all. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I could even drink it out of a glass. If you can't get this brand where you live, I suggest trying several different kinds until you find one you like. Good Luck
I give 8th Continent 4 Gold Stars, great for a soy product!