Thursday, January 8, 2009

Best Wendy's

In 2006 we experienced the absolute best Wendy's food we have had since at least 1980. You know, way back when fast food restaurants actually were in the business of pleasing the customer. We were passing through Gallup New Mexico, 22 miles from the Arizona border on Interstate 40. It was lunch time and we stopped to get a hamburger and stretch our legs. No stale, dried up or tasteless meat from these people. Hot, fresh, full of flavor, the hot juice running out, but not too much. All the lettuce and tomatoes etc were fresh and not skimped on along with hot, crisp fries. If I lived there and ate there all the time, I would be so spoiled, I would die if I ever had to eat food from a Wendy's in Arkansas. 95% of all the hamburgers I get here almost seem like fake meat that has been sitting under a warmer. I thought Wendy's motto was, fresh off the grill. I say 95% because a couple of months ago, I actually got a very decent Wendy's burger that was quite good. Fresh, hot and juicy just like they are supposed to be. It was at the Wendy's in Sherwood Arkansas, Hwy. 107 almost to Kiehl Ave. It was not really at regular meal time so I guess they cooked it fresh when I ordered.
I will give Wendy's an overall rating of 3 stars because you can still get a good burger occasionally but their fries are just plain"yucky". I guess we can blame healthy eating advocates for changing the deep frying oils for that one.

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